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Win-Win Service Provider started by some skilled professional with a dream to create a movement in the area of service providing organizations. Different sector experts set brought dynamic nature in thinking and in business. Lack of sufficient fund made it suffer in its early stage and could not flourish in first two years. From the 3rd year it got a faster movement in its Desktop Publishing Department and by that year complete more than 12 books which are still available in the local market. And in its 4th year, it started its one of the main section, WEB SOLUTION DEPARTMENT. The idea behind WIN-WIN WEB SOLUTION came to its founder's mind long time before the company was formed. Being a freelance developer for some years and then being part of some local and international software development firms, the founder watched closely the need for stable outsourcing firms in the South Asia region. India and China being saturated for quite some time, the founders identified that Bangladesh, Thailand, and Malaysia would be the next target countries for the outsourcing need of the west. In order to play a role in the development of such opportunity in Bangladesh, they decided to start their journey and by now completed more than 50 projects successfully both in local and global market. After a year of experience with its WEB SOLUTION department it felt the lack of skilled professional in this sector though the company as well as the country have the high potential to flourish in this sector, so it watched closely and found the lack of sufficient professional training institute in the locality. So in its 5th year it implements the training scheme to the intention to develop high skilled local talent to confirm the healthy growth of the IT sector. Win-Win Service Provider received its incorporation certificate at the end of 2005, its first web-site launched in 2007 and new version of web site launched at the end of 2009. Form 2008 it is operating in UK market by its director and marketing personals. It is now operational with different successful department like web solution department, training department, desktop publishing department and student counseling department. With all these departments it has a sister concern of win-win mini mega shop for the local people. It is to mention that number of new skilled (from different sectors) person who joined with Win-Win Service Provider as director in its fourth year helped the company to move forward with new ideas and inspiration. Win-Win Service Provider dreams to spread its service providing, interest to many different sectors, in the local and international market place. Skilled IT personal is one of its main strength. With this strength skilled directors are sharing innovative ideas continuously to improve & expand its current services as well as introduce new business entities


To provide a standard business-entity with fittest IT Solutions & Services adopting verifying technologies timely.


Provide fittest IT Solutions & Services to our clients all over the world so that we can continue a harmonic business relation in days to come.


We would like to provide high quality, cost effective & fittest Services with outstanding skills, innovative ideas & latest technologies centralizing our clients' desire and needs.


  1. To collect requirements from our client and we listen to them until we think/understand like them.
  2. Work with best alternatives and tools to provide the desired solutions.
  3. We develop the solutions that are useful for the clients, not the solutions that we are capable.
  4. Keep honesty to our commitments.
  5. Provide cost effective solution.
  6. Build harmonic and long term busines relation with our clients so that we could stay with them whenever they need us.

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