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We are a software company that provides business ERP solutions for various industries. We help our clients streamline their business processes, improve their efficiency, and achieve their goals. Whether you need a web-based, desktop, or mobile application, we have the expertise and experience to deliver it.

We also specialize in providing school management systems or school ERP solutions for educational institutions. We understand the challenges that schools face in managing their daily activities, such as attendance, results, admission, fees, accounts, library, and more. That's why we have developed a comprehensive and user-friendly system that covers all the modules that a school needs. With our system, you can easily manage your school operations online or offline, and communicate with your students, teachers, staff, and parents via SMS and email.

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Available Featured Modules:

  • Class management.

  • Subject management.

  • Fees management

  • Student management.

  • Teacher Management

  • Management relationships between different types of users.

  • Records management.

  • SMS Alerts.

  • Reports generator.

  • Overdue students list.


Features related to Students:

  • Students Search

  • Student details

  • Students Admission.

  • Students Registration.


Features related to Teachers:

  • Teacher Search

  • Teacher Assign

  • Teacher details

  • Section, Group, Shift, Others academic settings management

  • Class Management

  • Marks distribution

  • Merit list

  • Progress Report

  • Tabulation Sheet



Features related to Accounts and administration:

  • Institutional expense information and report (on daily, monthly, and yearly basis)

  • Institutional, Managerial other reports (Based on requirements)

  • Institutional income information and report (on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis)


Online and Smart Messaging Services (SMS): 
The main authority of the school will find all absent /late student lists and parents will also get the same alert.

  • Instant alerts regarding any important notices will go to all stakeholders, teachers, staff, and parents.

  • Regarding their children by SMS, Email, and website. Distributing classes of absent teachers who are in the same department and instantly informing them by an alert SMS.

  • Parents can ensure all the information of a student is online by giving an ID number.


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